"I’m the shy one. Before X Factor I’d never done anything that required me to have to speak in front of cameras or  in front of people. The X Factor kinda helped me with that ‘cause you’re constantly followed around by cameras. When I auditioned for the show I was doing it for like an experience, when I got to boot camp and they were like you can either go home as a solo artist or you can, you know, continue as a group. It was like, it wasn’t that hard of a decision to make. Luckily it kinda worked out.



TRAVEL DIARIES: 2manysiblings in Malindi.

This week, the Kenyan brother and sister creative team Velma Rossa and Papa Petit of 2ManySiblings are curating Dynamic Africa’s instagram account.

The two recently took a short trip to the Kenyan coastal town of Malindi and took some gorgeous photographs along the way. Intrigued by their travels, Dynamic Africa caught up with them to learn more about their time in Malindi.

Located in Malindi Bay near the Indian Ocean, the town of Malindi was originally established by Arab settlers in the early 13th century. In 1414, the King of Malindi initiated diplomatic relations with China during the voyages of the explorer Zheng He and for many years, the town flourished and the kingdom grew wealthy through trade.

Nowadays, the town has become one of Kenya’s most-visited tourist destinations. Malindi is located about 120 kms northeast of Mombasa, another top tourist location in the East African country. The nearly Watamu resort and Gedi Ruins (the remains of a Swahili town located in Gedi, a village near Malindi) are located south of Malindi. In 1948, the remains of Gedi were declared a Kenyan national park.

Malindi was inspired by the need to get away from the city’s ( Nairobi ) claustrophobic’ness. It was a project - pleasure type of trip.

Malindi is a little piece of Italy ( lots of Italian inhabitants), a beautiful simple town, really. It’s a place where we felt creative and with a real sense of purpose by just being there…taking pictures, trying out new cuisines and taking in various cultures, exploring the old towns and quirky antique shops.

The pictures of Malindi shared on our blog were a means of showing the rest of the world a town that is so visually inspiring, cultured, historical and a must do travel destination . A little gem in Africa.